How to Find the Perfect Gym for You 


For those who don’t know, there are more than 32,000 health clubs in the US. Thus, finding the best one could take a lot of time. But don’t worry. Here are several tips to help you select the best 24 hour gym in Kansas City for your 1st time. 

Perfect Gym

Go Local 

Look for a gym that’s near your house or workplace. Despite most individuals’ intentions, they will not drive more than 15 min. Utilize online tools, such as Google Maps, to find all gyms within a radius of at least 5 miles. Assess for easy parking while you are scrolling through your choices. This is other possible deterrent to working out.  

Visit at your Main Workout Time 

Friday afternoon might be the best time to examine the gym. However, is it the time when you will hit the gym? Visit the gym at a time when you are likely going. In addition to that, tour by the certain equipment you are planning on utilizing. Try another gym if there are a lot of people using it.  

Ask for the Reciprocity of the Gym 

According to professional fitness consultants, individuals usually do not think of this one until they require it. Ask also if the gym participates in the Passport Club of IHRSA. This program provides gym enthusiasts discounted prices at partaking gyms all over the world.  

Examine for Clean Machines 

There are a lot of germs in the gym. That is why cleaning the equipment requires more than swabbing them down. According to a study, around 63% of hand-contact equipment in gyms contains rhinovirus. This is the cause of the common cold. An expert crew must come daily. However, employees must wipe down the equipment all the way through the day. Watch to see, while you are visiting, whether there is a strict rule of cleaning everything after use. Pass on that gym if there’s no such rule. Or, if you don’t have any option, just bring your hand sanitizer whenever you go there.  

Emergency plan 

You might want the facility to be prepared if a cardiac event occurs. Almost every gym has crew members that are trained to do CPR. However, you should select a gym with an Automated External Defibrillator. An AED could greatly increase the chance of the patient in surviving that sudden event. Ensure that the facility has an AED and the crews know how to utilize it. 

Invest your Money and Time 

Spend your money on certain training that needs scheduling. A lot of professionals recommend going for a paid plan, such as a small group plan or personal training.  

Check its Culture 

Several gyms do not allow groaning in the weight room. Some also have removed the equipment because it’s very intimidating. This might not be best for you if you want to get primal while working out. Know what the target demographic of the gym is. You should be the target.  

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